Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Cupcakes

I'm in charge of Jack's Easter party at preschool tomorrow and I made some quick and easy cupcakes for his class of ten. 

I used a yellow mix, a can of milk chocolate frosting, edible green grass from Target and a small carton of Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs.  I did have to "glue" the eggs to the grass with a dab of frosting.  One bag of grass was more than enough.  It's green apple flavored and the texture is, well, like grass.  We'll see how they go down tomorrow!

Whoops, I see the middle one in the picture has four eggs instead of five.  Better remedy that right away!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Framed Paper

Finally completing my wall of framed scrapbook paper made me think of other spaces with framed papers that I've seen around the web.  I've gathered some favorites here for you.

I love the bold, graphic look of this framed Marimekko wrapping paper from Nalle's House.

Try an eclectic gallery wall of framed wallpaper in an entry.

Framed wallpaper
Gorgeous marbled paper via Centsational Girl.

framed marbled paper on mantel
And more from Décor Adventures.
So sweet in a nursery!  This is actually fabric, but you could accomplish the same look with paper.
Wallpaper is back and here to stay!  A large framed sheet makes a big impact without being a big commitment.
Where to find papers to frame?  I bought a scrapbook pad of Amy Butler papers at TJ Maxx for only $3.99.  I've also been spotting really cool wrapping paper rolls at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods. Target has great wrapping paper, too.  Of course there's craft/art stores, where you can buy single sheets of scrapbook paper as well as coordinating pads.  If you want to pay a little more, Paper Source has gorgeous designer wrapping papers.  And don't miss Spoonflower for fabric and wallpaper. 
Happy Monday!


Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring and Easter Decorating

I don't go crazy with any holiday decorating, but in addition to my spring mantle, I've added some seasonal touches to help get us all in the mood.  Even though we had flurries the other day!  Crazy.  I love snow in January but I am officially done. 

I added a fabric flower garland and an old nesting bunny to my mantel.  Find the garland tutorial on my guest post for Erin at Landsdown Life, one of my favorite blogs. 

The nesting bunny is missing a bunny or two (I'm looking at you, Jack) and some paint but I love him anyway.

A few nests.


A gnome candle bought at Target last year on clearance.

Egg hunt this way!

I hot glued reindeer moss to this thrift store wreath and tucked in some fake succulents.


 Happy Spring!



Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Wall of Ribbas

Have I been away from the blog for a few days?  Yes.  Have I been wrestling with @#*%$!! Ikea Ribba frames? Yes.  Have I been ready to set fire to that Big Blue Box? Yes.  But after much hair pulling, cursing, painting and broken glass I'm ready to proclaim success! 

I previously had six of those aluminum Ribbas and I decided to make that twelve.  Against my better judgement, really, because hanging these frames in a perfect grid is &$@* hard, I tell you.

Because it's so hard and results in so many holes in the wall, I decided to go the Command Strip route.  $60 in Command strips, a gallon of paint and two broken frames later, I decided that conventional picture hangers would save me money in glass as well as in potential lawsuits/broken relationships of those unfortunate enough to be sitting under one of the frames when it came crashing down on their heads.
Don't be afraid of Command Strips, as there was possibly some user error involved.  Sometimes I'm a little impatient when following directions and I didn't wait an hour to let the adhesive set.  I did buy two different kinds (my hardware store had a limited selection) and the medium strips worked out fine while the longer, narrow strips didn't seem to stick as well to the wall.  But in the interest of avoiding fractured skulls/relationships, I did decide to reinforce the all of the top frames as well as the three middle frames closest to the table with real picture hangers.
If you haven't had the pleasure of hanging Ribbas, you won't know that it's so difficult because they hang by the included wire.  If you try to hang it instead by the lip of the frame, the aluminum will warp over time.  Not only would involve a feat of mathematic and engineering skills to get each wire strung the exact same way, but the brackets that the wires hook to actually slip along the backing instead of being stationary.  This is why I decided to use Command Strips instead.  So when I decided to use the wire hangers after all, I had to use some ingenuity. 
I had already done the measuring work when planning my grid and hanging the frames with the Velcro strips, so when I went back again, it wasn't a huge amount of work.  When I attached the wire to the frame, I adjusted the wire so that it sits right up against one of the little black tabs that keeps the backing in place.  This way, the wire wouldn't slip up and down.

To hang the frame correctly, I first made a small pencil mark on the wall where I wanted the frame to rest.  Then, I measured the distance between the top of the wire (pull it taut) and the top of the frame.

I then put the picture hanger on the wall accordingly.  While this method wasn't perfect and I did had to adjust a few of the picture hangers a smidge up or down, it didn't take all long as I had feared.  And there aren't as many holes in the wall as I feared!  Since the Command Strips were still in place, I used those again as well and they were helpful in keeping the picture in place so that the wire couldn't shift around on the hanger.
Oh, and I did mention paint...Well, when I went from six frames to twelve, I had to shift the entire arrangement and there were old nail holes to patch.  I didn't have a drop of paint left over from this room and didn't have a clue what the name was.  Really stupid of me, right?  The guy at SW was super nice and looked through my account searching for the name of the paint I had purchased two years ago, but alas, the paint we came up with was very close but not a perfect match.  I ended up having to repaint the entire room!  The moral of this story is, well, you can figure that out on your own.
While searching for magic Ribba hanging tips, I found these two links that might help if you're ever in a similar situation. 
Even after all of that, I'm still happy with the way things turned out. 
It really adds some drama to the room. What do you think?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Vintage WPA Prints

I love these vintage prints that I found in this month's House Beautiful.  They'd be great in a boy's room, playroom, rec room or maybe my husband's office.  He'd like to start over as a park ranger instead of being chained to a desk all day.  Actually, he'd like to be Grizzly Adams, remember that show?  Who, by the way, had no wife to nag him...perhaps that's the real appeal?

They aren't necessarily cheap, $45.99 for a 16 x 24 and $16.99 for the 8 x 10, but they are printed on museum quality paper and it's great that you have nine different sizes to choose from.  I love the history behind them, don't you? 
According to Wiki, the Federal Art Project (FAP) was the visual-arts arm of the Great Depression-era New Deal Work Projects Administration (WPA) Federal One program in the United States. It operated from August 29, 1935, until June 30, 1943. Reputed to have created more than 200,000 separate works, FAP artists created posters, murals and paintings. Some works still stand among the most-significant pieces of public art in the country.  Cool, right?
If parks aren't your thing but you like the vintage vibe, check out the patent drawings, the very cool vintage luggage tag designs, and the fruit crate labels.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ikea Vittsjo Makeover and Other Stuff

Obviously, I haven't yet mastered the art of working on projects and blogging about them at the same time.  Or mastered the art of actually doing something (anything!) after putting the kids to bed instead of collapsing on the couch.  In any case, I have been doing stuff, I just haven't put fingers to keyboard until now.

I was so inspired by Kate's post on the versatile $40 Ikea Vittsjo that I had to do my own version.  This took quite awhile + many cans of spray paint because I originally went with gold before switching to my bronze standby. I put the shelf in the living room

on this wall where it replaces the large map.

Help me out with the styling, guys.  Globes, yes or no?

If you make over your own Vittsjo, let the paint dry completely before inserting the glass shelves.  I also painted on a protective lacquer (using a sponge brush) that I found in the garage for some extra protection.  Also, try inserting the glass shelves from the front and laying them down gently, first one long side and then the other, rather than from the end.  you'll have more control and the glass will be less likely to scratch the paint.
$40 (+ paint) is a bargain, no?  Especially when you consider these shelves from Room and Board that I was eying for a while.  Only $509 : ) 
I other news, I bought six more frames from Ikea, popped in some more Amy Butler scrapbook paper, and am trying out the "whole wall look" in the dining room.  There will be twelve frames in all in rows of four.
Actually, I'm not trying it out.  It's staying forever because the measuring was so tedious for me and the Command Strips I used this time are expensive!  Worth it, though, as hanging these frames in a grid using the included wire is next to impossible.  Also, I'm trying to avoid multiple holes in the wall which is the reason this project has stalled.  I realize there were holes from the previous arrangement and no more paint to be found.  Off to SW this afternoon for the 30% off Spring sale!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bedroom Gallery Wall

I've been collecting prints for a gallery wall in our master bedroom.  Here's what I have so far.
Pamela by Michele Armas.
Image of Pamela Print
This one is from Zazzle.


These are all from Mai Autumn.

Summer Bouquet  Bouquet
This one is from Yao Cheng Design on Etsy.  It was my first order from her and the print is gorgeous.

Handmade Watercolor Abstract Blue and Green Field and Sky Painting- 8x10 Wall Art Watercolor Print

And this one by Pol Ledant is from
I can't wait to start framing these and get started on my wall!